La casetta nel cortile


Whoever arrives in Positano runs along a winding road that runs along a rocky wall rich in Mediterranean vegetation: tufts of broom and rosemary sprouting along the steep coast that frames a crystalline green sea.

Suddenly, an unforgettable scenario opens up, a vision between myth and dream: Positano. Walking along the stretch of road that winds through it, you will come across narrow and articulated alleys, stairways that look out onto suggestive and breathtaking views, made of terraced gardens, pergolas of lemons and multicolored spots of bougainvillea.

From the white houses clinging to the rock, protruding terraces outcrop with geraniums and daisies that take place up to the town center up to the beach, from which Positano looks like a pyramid of houses that climb to the sky: along the coast then, immersed in the green, hidden coves open and still unexplored.

From the beach a small path in the rock leads to other enchanting coves and flanks the watchtowers, a tangible sign of the ancient Saracen raids.

Between the sea and the sky the mountains stand out vertically, the privileged seat of the hamlets of Montepertuso and Nocelle, small conglomerations of folklore and naturalistic wonders, where the welcoming spirit is at home.

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